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Defoaming-Tech Solutions is proud to be associated with a globally established, solutions application for foam control during the filling process. We specifically cover the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland whilst being closely aligned with our principal situated in Switzerland.  Our principal operates across the beverage, beer, dairy and chemical liquid filling industries in all regions/continents of the world. 

They has been involved with ultrasonic technology for over 25 years in the design, development, and commercialization of industrial ultrasonic systems.

The technology was developed by our team of experts in ultrasonic technology and application for fluid processing. The idea to commercialize the application was borne after being invited as global experts in the field to a globally/world-renowned soft drinks manufacturer at their USA headquarters. During this meeting, our principles asked the beverage business what their biggest challenge was in beverage & filling production. The immediate answer was foaming in the bottle and canning operations. 

After taking this feed-back and several years developing and field testing ultrasonic defoaming technology it was first commercialized in the beverage industry and then later into the beer, dairy, and non-consumable liquid packaging market.

We have a dedicated locally-based team with direct line support of our principal with the aim to help our customers address 5 key areas of cost efficiencies.
  • Increase the run rate(line speed) by increasing filling speeds 
  • Reduction on product rejects 
  • Reduce high energy chiller costs
  • Product waste – keeping more product in the container
  • Cap & thread contamination

“Sound technology, sound solution, sound savings”